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300 years of leadership & innovation

our vision

The power to make a difference

We, at Dynamis, believe that business is a catalyst for
positive impact in the world. By building a bridge
between the top leaders of today and the brightest
leaders of tomorrow, we inspire them to do things
they have never done before.

what drives us

core Values


We are passionate about creating global positive impact by building a bridge between the leaders of today and their successors.


We depend on each other and we develop trust through actions.


We cherish authenticity and create moments of happiness through small acts of kindness.


We celebrate continuous growth and believe OUR success is greater than MY success.


We meet the needs of the present without compromising the future.

About us

Dynamis GroupĀ is a Global Executive Search Firm helping leaders develop their strategic network and enabling them to attract extraordinary teams in order to fulfillĀ their purpose. The firm was founded in the UK by a team with a long history of working together. This created a strong relationship-based environment offering access to an extraordinary network of international executive talent and providing unique insights and speed globally.


Our focus has been on exploring new ways on how we can bring the most value to our clients and become a catalyst for positive impact in the world. Starting from our core expertise in Executive Search and Leadership Succession, we develop further our portfolio of solutions in order to enable our clients to benefit from the talent and knowledge we possess, going beyond the traditional headhunting.

Don’t settle for less

Our Solutions


We bring our ability to solve critical leadership needs globally by identifying, engaging, and building relationships with the brightest minds in the field.

We understand the urgency that triggers the need for executive search, therefore we utilize a combination of proactive search and relationships built over many years.


Companies understand that the talent they have today might not be the talent they need 12 months down the line in order to meet their business goals in a rapidly changing environment.

We have created a bespoke solution to help our clients improve their state of readiness by exclusively building targeted relationships with the leaders of tomorrow.

Leadership Due Diligence

Detecting Human Capital risks and opportunities could mark the difference between M&A success and failure.

Our tailored Leadership Due Diligence enables businesses to anticipate challenges and to capitalize on the combined talent of merging companies. We approach this topic holistically to support our clients in all transaction phases and help M&A teams make informed strategic decisions.



Dynamis actively supports the development of future leaders. The CEO, Marian Temelkov, is also a co-founder of Leader Academy & Talent Factory where he has invested over 15 years in development.


Dynamis supports women in leadership and is working closely with Samodiva Mastermind. Business is Female is one of the recent initiatives they have been focusing on.

The meaning of dynamis

The ancient Greeks believed the key to winning is in the power of will. They encompassed this meaning in the word DUNAMIS, defined as Power, Might, Will to Win.

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