Case Studies

Executive Committee members assessed

leaders recommended to be retained

draft organograms proposed

areas of immediate synergies identified

Leadership Due Diligence 

Client: Pan-European Healthcare Services Leader

Strategy: Portfolio Expansion and Diversification

Rationale: the client was in advanced discussions to acquire a top-three industry participant in one of their international geographies. The deal would allow the company to enter new market segments and would more than double their annual revenue.

Assignment: assess organizational and cultural fit with the client and with their existing platform in the country; evaluate the prospects for integrating and creating synergies across the two businesses; conduct a comparative analysis of leaders and identify the true “value drivers” that should be retained.

Process and key findings:: we carried out a thorough assessment of the seven members of the Executive Board and discovered an experienced, cohesive, very well balanced team that would fit well culturally and would bring significant professional and business value to the merged organization; we flagged the specific risk factors that could hamper the integration, and proposed solutions to mitigate them; we identified several areas that could produce immediate synergies in the post-close stages; four out of the seven leaders were recognized as critical to retain, which resulted in recommendations for alternative organograms and proposed structures for Management Incentive Plans.

leaders assessed

integration roadmaps


of key leaders retained

integration workshops

roles transformed and reassigned

Integration Planning

Client: International Healthcare Conglomerate

Strategy: Market Growth and Diversification

Rationale: our client was in exclusive negotiations to acquire a highly reputable PE-owned business as part of their growth strategy. The acquisition would complement the market proposition of our client in terms of specific industry knowledge, strong brand recognition and substantial territorial coverage.

Assignment: conduct Leadership Due Diligence of the target company Senior Management and their fit with the client; identify the key revenue generators and assess their potential to transfer to a different ownership and governance structure, and their capacity to lead a multi-sector growth strategy; prepare a roadmap for integration and ensure contingencies to mitigate retention-related risks and cultural clash.

Process and key findings: the assessment of the five executive leaders within the target organization produced evidence on their functional capacity and leadership style, the impact they have triggered since joining the business, and their propensity to stay in the transformed structure; in addition to the LDD findings, we took into account the respective size of the to-be-merged organizations and presented two alternative integration roadmaps that entailed different governance structures and reassignment of roles; following the agreed milestones, all of the leaders from the acquired company were retained and we worked with the merging management teams by organizing series of workshops and open discussions to support the selected integration trajectory and to ensure swift transition to the new environment.

functions mapped

leaders benchmarked

growth scenarios developed

weeks for team composition

Extended Support

Client: Multinational Stock-listed Services Organization

Strategy: Market Entry

Rationale: the client was considering entering a new international territory through the acquisition of a niche private business. The foothold would give flexibility in implementing a growth strategy while building reputation as a provider of choice.

Assignment: provide extensive insight on the overall industry leadership in the country; conduct a thorough analysis of target company leaders and their fit with the client; design leadership succession blueprint to underpin different development scenarios.

Process and key findings: we assessed over 300 senior executives from a wide variety of industry competitors, including CEO, CFO, COO, CHRO, and M&A leaders, and provided a robust framework of leadership competencies and compensation benchmarks per function; we carried out a multi-step assessment of the composition and the capabilities of the C-suite, their fit within our client’s culture & DNA and their potential to meet the ambitions for future growth in the market; we worked on three main development scenarios and presented a selection of best-in-class leaders who could replace the senior management of the target company accordingly; ultimately, our recommendation to keep the CEO in a moderate-growth scenario triggered a replacement of the CFO, CHRO and the COO. Through our Executive Search practice, we attracted the right leaders ensuring a successful team composition around the CEO.


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