Who wouldn’t wish for an energetic team that stays motivated and achieves new milestones?

However, that’s not always an easy task for managers and leadership teams. Creating a work environment where employees feel truly engaged and motivated to perform well is built on more than just monetary rewards and flashy incentives. The good news: regardless of your time and budget constraints, you can always find ways to boost employees’ motivation.

Let’s explore some ideas:

Empathy and understanding. When you better know what people need, you can better serve them. Engagement surveys are always a helpful way to understand how employees feel during work, and what drives their creativity and productivity.

Provide career development opportunities. What usually retain employees in your organization are the long-term growth opportunities. Therefore, regularly talk to employees about their career goals and assist them with advice and mentoring.

Reward contribution. What really shows appreciation is a thoughtful thank-you note, or a personalized gift. You can get to know what people like and care for, and gift them something that really matters to them.

Set goals and plan together. When people feel they are part of the process, they realize the significance of their efforts, resulting in higher motivation and more productive actions to reach the goal.

What are the go-to motivational techniques that have worked for you?

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