Neurodiversity World is an embedded consultancy practice of Dynamis Group

Neurodiversity is like Biodiversity. In fact, they mirror one another.


If there are no bees, there is no life on Earth. Similarly, with no variation in the way our brains process information, innovation and creativity will die. As will our planet. 

Without cognitive diversity we would have limited variations in music, art, science or mathematics. Eventually, the development of new technology,  AI, and other types of disruptive innovation could be limited or never happen at all.  

Our team recognizes the need for diversity in thought and is dedicated to help organizations create an environment where everyone feels included so they can thrive.

We have developed systems, tools and processes to support Neurodiversity as part of our clients’ overarching people strategies. 

Neurodiversity at Work


 The last few years will have a long-lasting impact on how, where, and why we work. While people’s expectations are transforming, organizations’ abilities to keep its employees engaged will increasingly depend on the way they develop and adapt their environment, work practices, systems, processes, and technologies.

As a fundamental piece of workplace evolution, Neurodiversity should be at the heart of every organization’s people strategy. Conversely, disregarding neurological variations will negatively impact productivity, creativity and innovation, and companies’ ability to meet the complex needs of current and future talent.

Sustainability for people, organizations, biodiversity and, more broadly, for the planet, is embedded in acknowledging neurological variations among existing and future talent.

Neurodiversity Audit

We offer people-focused Neurodiversity audits of recruitment, assessment and on-boarding practices and the related technologies. In a 5-stage process, we evaluate whether they are  Neurodiversity friendly, we identify the gaps and outline practical recommendations on how to improve them:

  1. Audit and assessment of current systems and processes
  2. Interviews with a selection of key stakeholders/users of each segment of the process
  3. Internal workforce Neurodiversity survey
  4. Review and assessment of all quantitative and qualitative data, analysis and information
  5. Feedback session to discuss findings

Consultancy, Research, and Insights

The mission of Neurodiversity at Work is to ensure business objectives translate into tangible and achievable targets which are representative of the current marketplace. This includes consultancy and insights into the external workforce and best practices relating to Neurodiversity.

Some examples of how we help our current customers:


  1. Hyper focus on a key part of your process or strategy 
  2. Help support key events and drive traffic to those events 
  3. Research external market data and insights into best practices to inform and guide internal strategic objectives related to Neurodiversity in the workplace
  4. Become an extended member of companies’ internal Neurodiversity teams to lead and reinforce existing and future initiatives

Neurodiversity Inspirational Learning & Development

The first step of embracing the concept of Neurodiversity is often removing the stigma to allow employees to feel they have a safe space and the support of the organization. One of the leading figures in Neurodiversity, Theo Smith is now part of Dynamis. He will inspire employees through online or in-person presentations, lunch-and-learn sessions, panel discussions and fireside chat events with an engaging and live Q&A.

Under his guidance, we deliver bespoke training for organizations from all industries. With employees now working from a wide variety of places, be that at home, in a coffee shop, an office or shared space, we tailor the program to deliver high-energy and impactful training across the globe.

To enable this, our digital microlearning platform ‘Neurodiversity World’ further embeds the concept by offering companies the ability to support their employees on-the-go, at their time preference, pace and via the technology of their own choice. This is further enhanced with certification and additional downloadable resources.

Finally, the program could include quarterly check-in events and workshops to ensure the learning is being implemented into the daily activities. This can be supported with consultancy and advisory services.