Companies have significant expectations from newly hired or newly promoted senior leaders. Reasonably so, as the very notion of changing leadership comes loaded with high hopes and strong belief.

However, many companies overlook the need to formally support their newly appointed leaders and ultimately fail to empower them with the right tools, knowledge and network within the company so that they can start developing and implementing any new strategy. Reportedly, many senior executives leave their organizations without completing their initial one-year due to transition failure.


of senior leaders are dissatisfied with their onboarding experience


of newly appointed leaders are either laid off, get fired, or quit within their first 18 months


executives claim that it took them six months to get up to speed in their current role

We created a bespoke comprehensive

Leadership Onboarding Program

to ensure effective executive transitions

We know from the experience of placing senior executives globally that the first few months in a new leadership role are vital. Inevitably, the transition puts these leaders under heightened pressure to deliver business value while having to deal with the intricacies of an unfamiliar setting.

As part of our Talent Enablement practice, we support companies in modeling a systematic onboarding experience that ensures newly appointed leaders will produce fast positive impact, will thrive creating the company legacy, and will generate substantial business value consistently.

The Leadership Onboarding Program eliminates the gaps that can come from misalignment of expectations and alleviates the stress from the learning curve. It helps shorten the time to peak performance by equipping new leaders with the necessary tools and by enabling them to define operable priorities with agility.

- recognition of key stakeholders and ease of networking -

- alignment of performance expectations -

- clarity on availability of resources -

- ensured proximity to business -

- smooth adjustment to new culture -

- clarity on team composition -

- anticipated challenges to growth -

- smooth navigation of political complexities -

- engagement and longevity -

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