Dynamis Group is privileged to support and co-create a number of initiatives that nurture young talent while sourcing inspiration from recognized global leaders and the positive impact they make.

UNA TERRA is the first early-growth impact fund (SFDR Art. 9) and ecosystem with an exclusive focus on the global Circular Economy Transition.

A holistic strategy to invest in the Circular Economy Transition, providing both financial and operational support for European commercially viable, ready-to-scale, and asset-light companies (Series A+), enhancing and transitioning existing infrastructures with drop-in strategies to circular models, thereby minimizing technology and market risks – distinctive approach and methodology dedicated to identifying and selecting innovative scale-ups with high growth potential.



Leader Academy is a platform designed to create an environment for growth, where young people feel
appreciated and enabled to
develop their talents and to realize their full potential,
becoming the future leaders of a more sustainable


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