Strategic leadership succession

The Strategic Leadership Succession is any organization’s key to lasting success. It allows the Executive Leadership to attract and develop talent preemptively, ensuring they have not only the individuals who are available when the urgency arises, but the best ones at any given time.

The program improves companies’ state of readiness to replace any critical function without disrupting the normal business operations. It helps build targeted relationships with the leaders of tomorrow and equips businesses with the greatest competitive advantage – a strong and resilient team that is prepared to face any change.

It is about business continuity...

The level of business continuity largely depends on an organization’s commitment to ensure an elevated state of readiness. This entails integrated organizational policies, executive sponsorship, adjustment to strategy change, regular review and realignment.

Are you prepared?

Ensuring an organization will have the capability to operate consistently its business critical functions in the trajectory of its strategy for development, a number of risk factors should be assessed and a variety of solutions should be put in place.

Strategic Leadership Succession Phases

Our Strategic Leadership Succession Program encompasses all stages of talent transition planning according to the specific business needs and the corresponding level of urgency. In order to ensure an appropriate solution, it weighs multiple risk factors, such as the cost no-hire, the time to replace an incumbent, the gaps in the internal succession pipeline, and cultural disparity.

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